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A Natural Winner…
Terry, Springdale | $80,000 Natural State Jackpot Winner

When it comes to playing the Natural State Jackpot (NSJ), you might say Terry from Springdale is a natural. A friend told Terry that the NSJ has the best odds. After playing for only two weeks, Terry hit an $80,000 jackpot!

Before spending a dime, Terry took some time to think. He walked from the lottery office to the bank and didn’t touch his winnings for weeks. He offered some advice to future winners, “Make it last, because it’s not every day you get that much cash to put in the bank!”

So, what do you do when you suddenly have a truckload of disposable income? If you’re the best grandfather ever, you buy the grandkids a car. And Terry is, so, he did! He also got himself a new Polaris for hunting season. #ThisIsWinning

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