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Medical Doctor Dream Becomes Reality with Lottery Scholarship
Yvonne Ngome | University of Arkansas-Fayetteville

A small push at just the right moment can set the future in motion. This was definitely the case for native Kenyan Yvonne Ngome, a biology major at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. “The Lottery scholarship requirements have kept me more on track than anything else in college,” she says. “I want to thank the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. You are the reason I am graduating on time. I owe it all to you.”
Yvonne has big plans for her future. After she completes her undergraduate degree, she’s moving on to medical school at UAMS. Then she wants to open a clinic in her native Kenya and join her family there. The dream is hers, and playing a role in making it come true is what the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery is all about. Good luck with your bright future, Yvonne!

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