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Lottery Scholarship Helps Nursing Major Fulfill Her Career Goal
Allison Warner | Arkansas State University-Jonesboro

In Arkansas, we help each other out. Allison Warner from Beebe is the perfect example of that creed. “Working with the elderly, I get to pour support into them, and they pour support back into me,” says Warner, who is specializing in elder care while working on a nursing degree at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. She’s also an Arkansas Lottery Scholarship recipient.
“I remember going home and telling my parents I got the scholarship ... we were dancing around the kitchen. The Arkansas Lottery Scholarship has allowed me to not take out any loans right now.”
Allison has a very personal reason for wanting to pursue a career as a geriatric nurse: “My grandfather was in the Air Force and served in Vietnam working on bombers. He passed away a few years ago. As his health declined, I was inspired by the medical professionals who cared for him with compassion, and I decided that I wanted to become one of those people.”
After graduation, she plans to stick around and work with the elderly in Jonesboro. Now that’s a solid investment in a great future. Keep at it, Allison!

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