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Routine Trip to Convenience Store Bears $95,000 for Lucky Arkansan
Mike, Fort Smith | $95K Natural State Jackpot Winner

Mike was making a routine Saturday morning trip to buy a newspaper from his local convenience store in Fort Smith - when the day suddenly turned into anything but routine. He had purchased a Natural State Jackpot ticket the night before and handed it to the clerk to help him check the numbers. 

Mike says he was confused when the screen said "Claim Prize." He asked the clerk what it meant, and she said "Mike, you dork! You won $95,000!" Then they high-fived, and he walked away a happy man.

With his winnings, Mike gave each of his children $1,000 and bought gifts for the grandkids. As for himself? Mike is going to fly first class to visit a college friend in Boston that he hasn't seen in 50 years. He's also going to snag the best tickets he can find to a baseball game at Fenway Park! 

Everyone is excited for Mike - he's had hundreds of calls, texts and emails from friends. 
Mike plays the Natural State Jackpot almost every day and picks his numbers based on family birthdays. He says "for a dollar, it's your best odds and best bang for your buck." He also believes he will win again. We hope he does! #ThisIsWinning

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