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Wanda Swaim
Fourth Time’s a Charm!     
Wanda, Des Arc |$50K Scratch-Off Winner

Wanda from Des Arc is what we call a regular player. She plays the lottery every day and particularly likes the scratch-off games. She has a method. Wanda puts all her small wins back into buying more tickets.

So, what does Wanda have to show for it? Well, she won $770, $1K, $10K and now $50K! Yes, it can happen, over and over and over… “It has changed my life dramatically because now I am debt free,” she said after her latest win.

Wanda is also a member of The Club and uses it to get free stuff for her friends. “Each month you can put in up to 5,000 points, and I always put in the maximum,” she explains, “That way you can buy all kinds of nice prizes!” #ThisIsWinning


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