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You Won't Believe What Jenna Bought With Her Lottery Win 
Jenna Adcock, Little Rock | $100 Scratch-Off Winner

When Jenna scratched her Crossword puzzle instant ticket and saw that she had won $100 - she knew exactly what she wanted to do with the cash. She used the prize to spoil her dog Pippa with Christmas presents. What a lucky pup! 

Jenna plays the Lottery often, and her favorite games are Crossword puzzle and Bingo scratch-off tickets. She likes that they take time to play and are entertaining. She says if she is ever fortunate enough to win a big prize, she'll "immediately get on a plane and go to an island." 

Jenna is also a member of the ASL Club, where she enters non-winning tickets for Play It Again™ drawings and to earn points for prizes. In fact, she was able to use her points to purchase a light-up leash for Pippa. #ThisIsWinning

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