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$50 or $100! 2024 Ed.

Game No.
$50 or $100! 2024 Ed - Game No. 764
$50 or $100! 2024 Ed - Game No. 764
$50 or $100! 2024 Ed - Game No. 764

To Be Determined

To Be Determined


*The Last Redeem Date is also the final Play It Again entry deadline for this game. Entries received after this date will not be eligible for any Play It Again prize.

Prizes Remaining

Total Amount Remaining: $6,683,700
Tier Prize Description Total Prizes in Game per Tier Estimated Prizes Remaining per Tier Total Prize Amount in Game per Tier Estimated Prize Amount Remaining per Tier
$100 79,625 34,512 $7,962,500 $3,451,200
$50 147,822 64,650 $7,391,100 $3,232,500
Total Amount Remaining: $6,683,700

All prizes remaining are estimated according to winning tickets that have already been claimed. The ASL is unable to determine how many winning tickets were lost or purchased but as of yet remain unclaimed. All win combinations for each prize amount have been combined into the same prize tier row. Prizes remaining are updated daily.

Ticket price: 
Prize range: 
$50 to $100
Overall odds of winning: 
1 in 8.86

How To Play

Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any of the WINNING NUMBERS, win prize shown for that number. Get a "STAR" symbol, win prize shown automatically. Get a "$50 BURST" symbol, win $50 instantly. Get a "$100 BURST" symbol, win $100 instantly!

Instant Game Rules