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Retailer Utilizes Product Visibility to Drive Sales

Store owners Nazzeen (Nick) Asad and Ahmad Asad say the execution of making lottery games easily visible and customer service have consistently made their Super Mart a top lottery retailer. It is located at 107 W. Cook St. in Forrest City. 

“Our lottery display is front and center, and it never fails to capture the attention of our customers - we sell a lot of instant tickets,” said Nick. “We keep our bins full and have a huge selection of lottery products with double facings of our players’ favorite games.”

To improve efficiency by reducing transaction time and limiting errors, the store believes training its clerks to sell lottery games properly provides the best customer service. 

“One of my favorite things about the lottery is that it keeps us busy, and our customers trust us,” he said. 

The store’s use of jackpot signs and point-of-sale materials at the counter and Play Station allow players to engage with lottery products.

Ahmad added, “This keeps them coming back to our store, which increases our lottery sales!’

L-R: Nazzeeh (Nick) Asad, owner; Ermin Casperez, clerk; and Ahmad Asad, owner.