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Retailer Spotlight - Exxon One Stop | Pine Bluff

Rovi Singh, owner of Exxon One Stop located at 2901 W. 28thSt. in Pine Bluff, says accepting debit cards for lottery product sales is a positive for his business and has helped his Exxon One Stop reach the status of No. 2 lottery retailer in Arkansas for FY19. He also owns four other stores in the state that accept debit card payments for lottery.

“People like to use debit cards to buy $10 and $20 scratch-off tickets,” Singh said. “We sell more scratch-off tickets than we do draw games, and players buy the more expensive tickets now because they can pay with debit cards.”

Singh said if his stores didn’t accept debit cards for lottery products his customers would go somewhere else to purchase them. Being a lottery retailer has definitely helped his business, he added.

“We saw an increase in lottery sales when we started taking debit cards,” he said.

He said he keeps his customers aware of jackpot amounts and encourages them to buy tickets – especially when the jackpots get big. Several months ago when the Mega Millions®and Powerball®jackpots were really high, Singh said he was posting the amounts prominently at the front of his stores.

“The line of people waiting to buy tickets was long,” he said. Research shows the transaction time for a single debit transaction verses two transactions reduced the time spent with each customers and improve lines in stores.

Pictured: Rovi Singh, owner.