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Retailer Spotlight - Malvern Superstop 

The staff at Malvern Superstop, located at 1885 US-270 in Malvern, knows that suggestive selling is essential to increasing lottery sales and boosting customer satisfaction.

“We always try to introduce our customers and players to new experiences,” said Katie Hepburn, manager. “For instance, when a customer has some change after making a purchase or when a player is buying a scratch-off ticket, we ask if they would also like to purchase a draw game.” 

With the recent LOTTO launch, this practice has proven to be successful. 

Customers and frequent players naturally make purchasing decisions based on various factors, such as their personalities or preferences.

“It’s important to know your players’ spending behaviors. Different players like different games. Learning their buying habits while suggesting lottery tickets helps us increase our lottery sales,” said Hepburn. 

“We also encourage our players to download The Club app. Our staff makes sure to communicate the benefit of purchasing Power Play® and Megaplier® to our players in a simple way so they can understand the concept better,” added James “JD” Womble, cashier.

L-R: Katie Hepburn, manager; and James “JD” Womble, cashier.