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Retailer Spotlight - Henard's | Brinkley

Scott Watson, owner of Henard’s in Brinkley, works more than 15 hours a day and strives to lead lottery sales in Monroe County. Henard’s, located at 215 N. Main, has been ranked No. 1 in the county every month since the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery started in 2009. Watson also owns another store that has been ranked No. 2 continually since lottery startup in the same county.

One of the biggest keys to Watson’s success is the enthusiasm seen through the excellent customer service he and his staff provide. The team is extremely friendly and knows each lottery player by name, including his or her buying habits, which offers a sense of place that just can’t be beat.

“It’s important to be personable with your customers,” Watson said. “I also enjoy giving people the chance to win money! My staff is well trained and does a great job informing players about current jackpot amounts and the store’s recent winners. The winner awareness makes them want to play,” he said.

The location has 48 bins and takes the initiative to activate, display, and sell when it receives a new shipment, especially the new games.

“We have a huge selection and always have double facings of the new $10 and $20 instant games for players,” Watson said. “We also accept debit cards, which has increased our sales tremendously.”

Pictured L-R: Scott Watson, owner and Jaycie Henderson, store clerk.