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Retailer Spotlight - Greenland Mini Mart | Greenland

Detra Reed, manager of Greenland Mini Mart located at 25 N. Main Ave. in Greenland, understands customer service and retail.

“We take pride in making our customers feel welcome,” said Reed. “It’s very important for us to call every customer by name and learn the buying habits of our lottery players, while communicating the jackpot amounts and top prizes left on all games.”

Reed utilizes this best practice to create a comfortable environment that humanizes the interaction between retailers and players making it easier for customers to ask questions about a certain game. 

“We’re adamant about always keeping our bins full and using our power tower to feature monthly launch games,” said Reed. “Customers only buy what they can see - fully stocked bins allow us to increase store profits.”  

Greenland Mini Mart also has a lottery bar that provides a designated area inside the store where players can relax, scratch off instant tickets, fill out playslips, and check winning numbers. 

“We utilize a winner’s board so that lottery players can show off their big wins to other store customers,” Reed added. “This motivates more people to play.” 

Detra Reed, manager.