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Retailer Spotlight - Exxon Superstation #1 | Hope 

Retailer Implements Customer Advocacy to Boost Lottery Sales

Providing the best customer service for lottery players is a top priority for Exxon Superstation #1, located at 1615 N. Hervey St. in Hope. The convenience store’s success can be attributed to its management team, Loretta Ward and Ashley Flowers. 

“We’ve been managing this location for about six months,” said Loretta, manager. “Initially, the store was having a lot of issues, but we made a complete turnaround within the first three months by executing an array of best practices.” 

These tactics included establishing an efficient system to keep track of lottery inventory and ensuring that customers feel special, which persuades them to return to purchase and redeem lottery tickets at their store.

“We love our lottery players,” said Ashley, assistant manager. “We want to ensure a huge selection of lottery products, so we have 42 bins with multiple facings of most games for players. We keep our bins fully stocked and know our customers preferred games and price points.” 

“Our staff tries to ask every customer if they would like to purchase a lottery ticket, inform them about the draw days and jackpots, and engage with our players if they have questions,” she added. “We also suggest games that may not be the most popular to customers to boost sales.”  

The duo also says the acceptance of debit cards for lottery products provides another convenience for players, which has increased sales throughout the years. 

“Our customers don’t carry a lot of cash on them anymore, so this allows them to purchase more tickets which also increases their chances to win.”

L-R: Ashley Flowers, assistant manager, and Loretta Ward, manager.