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Retailer Spotlight - Alon Super Shop | Conway

Lottery Signage Creates Winning Atmosphere for Retailer 

M.D. Kabir, owner of Alon Super Shop, 2820 Prince St. in Conway, knows a thing or two about the power of lottery signage to maximize lottery sales and create a winning atmosphere. 

The store’s outdoor signage is clearly visible to passing pedestrians and vehicles while also drawing customers who are paying at the pump into the store to play the lottery. 

“We utilized our open space because we knew it would help us to increase our lottery sales,” said Kabir. “People really take notice of our lottery signage.”

Inside the store, customers are mesmerized by the eye-catching lottery display. Front and center, the 131 bins are fully stocked.  

“Everyone that walks into our store is amazed by our display,” said Hitesh Mehta, manager. “It basically does the talking for us.” 

“We double and triple face all our instant games. The $20 tickets are really popular, so we keep eight to 12 facings of those games,” Kabir added. “We sell them [instant games] quick and also suggest tickets that are about to end.” 

Alon Super Shop also attracts customers for its ability to redeem and display winning tickets.  

We redeem a lot of tickets, even if they’re purchased from another lottery retailer, so we always keep enough cash on-hand.” 

“We don’t want players leaving our store to redeem at another location for not having enough cash. Once they leave, they may never come back,” said Hitesh. “After redeeming, we ask if they would like more tickets so they can reinvest their winnings back into the store.”

“We only display the winning tickets that are still active and available for purchase. Customers see these tickets and think they may win, too,” said Kabir. 

L-R: Hitesh Mehta, manager, and M.D. Kabir, owner.