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Retailer Spotlight - Alford's Tobacco | Cabot 

Celebrating over 20 years in business and owned by Allen and Judy Alford, Alford’s Tobacco in Cabot has built a very welcoming in-store experience for its lottery customers.

At Alford’s Tobacco, you can’t help but notice how clean and inviting the store is. Whether you’re stopping in for a tobacco product or just a snack, the lottery display captures your attention. Front and center, the bins are fully stocked. Store Manager Brenda Moore and her staff, also known as the “sweethearts,” make sure that all of the new games are available at all times for players, who are mostly local and very loyal.

“Our players love BATTLESHIP™, Bingo Extra, 10X Bonus! Crossword, and they can’t get enough of AR Progressive Jackpot,” said Brenda. “We have one terminal in-store and added a second terminal at our drive-through window. We have a lot of customers who aren’t tobacco users but visit our location only to purchase tickets. This addition has increased our lottery sales.”

For the month of April, Alford’s Tobacco sales ranked #7 out of 20 stores in Cabot and #11 in all of Lonoke County, totaling 42 stores.

Pictured L-R: Charlotte Sharp, staff; Brenda Moore, manager; Lisa Hall and Amber Almo, staff.