Cash 3 How To Play

1. Pick up a Cash 3 playslip at any Arkansas Scholarship Lottery retailer. Use a pencil or pen with blue or black ink to fill out the playslip.
There are five different play areas on each playslip, marked Play A through Play E. Each play area represents a different Cash 3 play.

2. Mark a three-digit number from 000 to 999 by making a heavy vertical mark in the appropriate boxes. Or mark the Quick Pick box at the bottom of the play area to have numbers selected at random by the lottery terminal.

3. Select a play amount of either 50 cents or $1.

4. Choose from four play types:
Straight: Win by matching numbers in the exact order drawn.
Box: Win by matching numbers in any order.
Straight/Box: Combine a 50-cent Straight play and a 50-cent Box play.
Combo: Equal to a Straight play for every combination possible for the number selected.

5. The ticket that prints from the playslip information provided will be valid for the next draw. Select one of the following options to add additional or future draws to the ticket:
Midday or Evening: Select “Day” to play in the next midday draw and “Eve” to play in the next evening draw.
Selecting “Both” will play in the next two draws, one midday and one evening.
Multi Draws: Mark the number of consecutive draws to play, up to 14 draws for either midday or evening or up to 28 draws for both midday and evening.
Advance Play: Select a future draw day of the week other than today.

6. Present the completed playslip to the lottery retailer to receive your printed ticket. Check your ticket immediately to ensure that the numbers, dates, and play type match your request. The retailer can cancel the ticket within 20 minutes after it prints. However, a retailer cannot cancel a ticket sold for a given draw after sales have been suspended for that drawing.