Decades of Dollars

October 16, 2014 Drawing

21 22 23 26 30 36

October 13, 2014 Drawing

2 6 9 13 15 36

October 9, 2014 Drawing

5 20 27 37 39 47

October 6, 2014 Drawing

11 12 15 17 21 22

October 2, 2014 Drawing

3 9 26 35 36 39
1.) Fill out Decades of Dollars playslips with pencil or blue or black ink. Double-check the completed playslip and present to ASL retailer to receive a printed ticket. Printed Decades of DollarsTM tickets cannot be canceled. 2.) The five different play areas on each playslip, marked Play A through Play E, represent a different Decades of Dollars play. Each play costs $2. 3.) To have numbers randomly generated at the terminal, mark Quick Pick. 4.) If you make a mistake, do not erase. Mark the void box and use the next play. 5.) Mark six numbers between 1 and 47 in the appropriate boxes. 6.) The ticket that prints from the information on the playslip is valid for the next draw. To play multiple draws, mark from two to 20 multi-draws at the bottom of the playslip for $2 each. Each multi-draw will include the next draw. Draws cannot be skipped.

Decades of Dollars Playslip

Decades of Dollars is no longer available for purchase. Prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the draw date on which the prize was won.

Decades of Dollars Prizes & Odds

$250,000 PER YEAR FOR 30 YEARS, OR $4 MILLION* 1 in 10,737,573
$10,000* 1 in 43,649
$100 1 in 873
$10 1 in 50
$2 1 in 7
* These prizes may be paid on a pari-mutuel basis, and could be lower than published. See official rules for details. Top prize winners will select at the time of prize claim to receive the prize as $250,000 each year for 30 years or the one-time cash option amount of $4,000,000.

Decades of Dollars Winners Data - October 16, 2014

21 22 23 26 30 36

PrizeArkansas Winners
Match 6$250,000 per year for 30 years0
Match 5$10,0000
Match 4$10014
Match 3$10209
Match 2$21,517
Total Winners1,740
(This table represents 10/16/2014, Arkansas winners only.)
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