Cash 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Playing Cash 3

Q: Where is Cash 3 played?
A: While many states have games similar to Cash 3, the Arkansas Cash 3 game is only played in the state of Arkansas.

Q: When are Cash 3 drawings?
A: Midday drawings are at 12:59 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Evening drawings are at 6:59 p.m. Monday through Sunday. All drawing times are approximate.

Q: How and where are the numbers drawn?
A: Cash 3 numbers are drawn using computerized random number generators at the Lottery offices in Little Rock.

Q: Can any of my numbers be the same?
A: Yes. You can select any combination of three numbers from 0-9, any of which can be the same.

Q: Can a number be sold out?
A: Each possible number combination has a liability (potential total payout) limit per draw. When the liability limit for a combination of numbers is reached, the selection of that combination will be closed for that draw. No wager will be allowed by the terminal that would cause the liability for that number to exceed the liability limit. The liability limit may be modified at the sole discretion of ALC.

Q: Can I enter non-winning Cash 3 tickets in Play It Again?
A: No. Only instant (scratch-off) tickets may be entered into Play It Again.

Purchasing Tickets

Q: How much does Cash 3 cost?
A: The ticket cost depends on play type and wager amount selected. For example, a $1 Straight play costs $1, while a 6-Way Combo play with $1 selected totals $6. A Straight/Box play costs $1.

Q: Can I purchase Cash 3 tickets in advance?
A: To play multiple upcoming draws, mark on the playslip from 2 to 14 Multi Draws for either Midday or Evening or from 2 to 28 Multi Draws for both Midday and Evening. To play for a particular day of the week other than the next upcoming draw, mark the desired day of the week on the playslip.

Q: How late can I purchase tickets before the draw?
A: Cash 3 sales are suspended four minutes prior to each draw.

Q: How do I select 3-Way vs. 6-Way Box?
A: 3-Way or 6-Way is determined automatically based on the numbers you select. 3-Way refers to a number combination with 3 ways to win (ex. 122 has 3 ways to win Box: 122, 212, 221). 6-Way refers to a set of numbers with 6 ways to win (ex. 123 has 6 ways to win Box: 123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321).

Q: Can a Cash 3 ticket be cancelled?
A: You can ask the retailer that you purchased the ticket from to cancel the ticket within 20 minutes of purchase. Less time would be available if it is within 20 minutes of the draw.

Q: What is the difference between Straight and Box?
A: If you select a Straight play, the numbers drawn must match your selected numbers in the exact order. A Box play means the numbers drawn can match your selected numbers in any order. Straight carries higher prizes than Box because there is only one way to win Straight and several ways to win Box.

Q: What is the difference between Box and Combo?
A: With a Box play, the numbers drawn can match your selected numbers in any order. A Box prize is less than a Straight prize played with the same wager amount because there are more ways to win with Box. In a Combo play, you are purchasing every Straight combination possible. This results in a higher ticket price and a potential prize equal to what the Straight prize would be at that wager amount. For example, selecting a $1 wager amount and Combo Play with the numbers 123 would create a ticket costing $6 ($1 for each of the 6 combinations of the numbers 123) and a potential prize of $500, the same prize as a $1 Straight play.

Prizes and Claims

Q: What can I win?
A: See the prizes and odds table on the main Cash 3 page. Prizes and odds are based on the wager amount, play type, and numbers selected.

Q: Do tickets expire?
A: Prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the draw date.

Q: How do I find winning numbers?
A: Winning numbers will be shown on the ASL website. You may also ask any lottery retailer for a printout of winning numbers or call 501-682-IWON (4966).