Arkansas Million Dollar Raffle Frequently Asked Questions

Playing the Arkansas Million Dollar Raffle

Q: What is the Arkansas Million Dollar Raffle (“Raffle”)?
A: Raffle is a limited-time game available only in Arkansas.

Q: What makes Raffle a limited-time game?
A: A final Raffle drawing for a million dollars will take place on January 2, 2014.

Q: When are the Raffle drawings?
A: Following early bird drawings on October 1, November 5 and December 3, 2013, the final (million-dollar) drawing will be January 2, 2014. Winning numbers will be posted on the website.

Q: Can I win an early bird drawing and the final $1,000,000 drawing?
A: Yes. Once you claim your initial prize, an exchange ticket will be given to you.

Q: How do the early bird Raffle drawings work?
A: Three early bird drawings will take place in 2013 before the final million-dollar drawing. Drawings will be held Oct. 1, Nov. 5 and Dec. 3 for ten $1,000 prizes and one $10,000 prize each draw.

Q: Can I enter Raffle tickets in Play It AgainTM?
A: No, but they can be entered into Points for Prizes.®

Purchasing Tickets

Q: How much do Raffle numbers cost?
A: One Raffle number costs $10, three cost $20 and six $30.

Q: Can I select my own Raffle number?
A: No. Raffle numbers are sold in sequential order. Each has a unique number starting from 000001.

Q: Can a ticket be canceled?
A: No.

Prizes and Claims

Q: Do Raffle numbers expire?
A: Yes. Prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the draw date in which you’ve won a prize.

Q: Do I have to match the numbers in the exact order drawn?
A: Yes. To win a drawing prize, your 6-digit Raffle number must be identical to one of the 6-digit Raffle numbers drawn.

Q: Can I claim a prize with a store receipt?
A: No. Prizes can only be claimed with a printed Raffle ticket. Store receipts will not constitute proof of purchase. Always sign the back of any lottery ticket immediately.