Vendor Validation Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the ASL Vendor Validation Program?

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Vendor Validation Program is designed to bring the added value of diversity to ASL’s procurement needs by proactively seeking minority and women-owned businesses through direct relationships with ASL and indirect relationships with our major gaming vendors.

Q. How does ASL define a diverse supplier?

ASL adheres to the definitions set forth by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Act which includes female-owned businesses as well as minorities. For more information see our Diverse Business Qualifications section.

Q. How do I register to the ASL Supplier Development Program?

Please complete the Vendor Application Form with full company information detailing the commodity/service you provide.

Q. I have registered my business via the online application. What are the next steps?

Once you have registered in the database, you will receive e-mail confirmation, notifying you that your information was successfully submitted. The form will be reviewed by ASL staff. If there is a match between your company’s commodity/service and ASL ‘s needs, you will be contacted.

Q. Does supplier registration guarantee award of an ASL contract?

No. Supplier registration does not guarantee business with ASL or any of our major gaming vendors. Registration provides us access to your company’s information. We utilize the information in the database as a source of potential suppliers to consider when an appropriate opportunity arises in the procurement process.

Q. Who may I contact for information regarding the ASL Supplier Development Program?

The ASL Internal Operations Director can be contacted via e-mail or phone at 501-683-2009.

Q. Does ASL certify diverse suppliers?

ASL does not certify diverse suppliers. ASL will consider certifications from third-party agencies during the validation process.

Q. Does certification equate to extra points when a proposal is evaluated?

Certification denotes your company’s commitment to due diligence and does provide credibility. Although ASL prefers to work with credible vendors, certification does not guarantee award of contract.